Crackle: Free Movies Worth Watching


We may have lost the brick-and-mortar video stores, but right now may be the best time to be an at-home moviegoer. But with thousands of films at our fingertips, and multiple (legal) streaming sites to sift through, it can be difficult to discover the true gems. There’s one site in particular I want to look at that doesn’t get quite as much press as streaming titans Hulu and Netflix: Crackle.

Crackle is a free (ad-supported) streaming service with limited selection. However, despite this major drawback, Crackle has a few hidden gems that are well worth watching. Plus, if you haven’t jumped on the Netflix bandwagon yet, this service is a good “taster” of what streaming video is like without having to provide your credit card number for a one-month free trial.

Here’s some flicks streaming on Crackle that you should check out if you haven’t seen them:

The Good

See Dennis Hopper get crazy in "Blue Velvet" for the low cost of free.

See Dennis Hopper get crazy in “Blue Velvet” for the low cost of free.

Classic Woody Allen films like Annie Hall and Manhattan. The Terry Zwigoff documentary Crumb. Dennis Hopper’s sadistic Frank Booth in Blue Velvet. A documentary about two aspiring filmmakers in American Movie. The incredible Australian crime flick Animal Kingdom (reviewed here). The Oliver Stone-penned thriller Midnight Express and his award-winning Platoon. The coming-of-age Stand by Me. The Martin Scorsese masterpiece Taxi Driver. The original The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. The stylish Tarantino-written flick True Romance. And twisty The Usual Suspects.

The Guilty Pleasures


Or if those are a bit too highbrow, check out these guilty pleasures: the “best worst movie” Troll 2, the original Russian invasion movie Red Dawn, Schwarzenegger’s meta-action movie Last Action Hero, or Jean-Claude Van Damme in Double Team (with Dennis Rodman!) and Kickboxer.

Check out Crackle if you’re looking for some more streaming options.


One Response to Crackle: Free Movies Worth Watching

  1. Nostra says:

    The price of free is always good, thanks for this!

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