The $1.99 Oscar-nominated Documentary

"Searching for Sugar Man" was partially shot on a smartphone.

“Searching for Sugar Man” was partially shot on a smartphone.

Okay, so being a $1.99 Oscar-nominated documentary is a bit of a misnomer for “Searching for Sugar Man” – the producers just ran out of money for their film and had to complete the footage using an iPhone video recording app.

Still, nice to know for anyone out there with dreams of shooting their own movie, an Oscar may just be a pocketful of change and a smartphone away.


3 Responses to The $1.99 Oscar-nominated Documentary

  1. Turnbull, Gregory G. says:

    We just bought 3 CDs of music by this guy – Shirley loved the documentary!

  2. Nostra says:

    Didn’t know they shot part on an iPhone. It was a cool documentary, really liked it.

  3. Aaron Kelly says:


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