Better than the Real Thing: The Man From Nowhere

C'mon, you knew this line of dialogue had to happen.

I was expecting this to be a lot better than it was, but when it is essentially just a retread of the lacklustre Man on Fire, I should’ve known better. Of course, I thought a good rule of thumb was that all good movies come out of Korea, but alas, they have some duds of their own sometimes.

My problem with the film is I never got beyond the stage of “meh” with it. Girl and strange man are friends. Meh. Girl gets kidnapped by androgynous thugs after her drug-addict mother is killed. Eh. Strange man finds out that girl has been kidnapped and being an ex-super agent with incredible martial arts skills goes after the thugs to rescue the little one. Meh. Even the action sequences, which are interesting (there’s a good knife fight and some decent shootouts) are standard and never amount to “OMG you have to see this” recommendations. It’s all fairly rote and bland.

However, the trailer does a pretty good job of overcoming the actual film’s shortcomings and being a pretty action-packed two minutes (the sequence where the camera follows the protagonist as he jumps out the window is technically amazing shot) that entices people to see the film. I have to admit that I watched the trailer after I had seen the entire movie and I thought to myself: “the movie couldn’t have been that bad could it? Maybe I should see it again. This trailer definitely makes it look like something that would be up my alley.”

Now that’s the sign of an excellent trailer – when you’re pretty lukewarm about the movie but seeing its advertising makes you want to give it a second chance. Check it out below.


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