Trailer Spoilers: 5 Trailers that Spoil the Movie

Have you seen the Dream House trailer yet? No? Don’t.

In two and a half minutes the trailer for this Daniel Craig thriller is able to spoil the biggest twist of the film for no reason. It’s a frightening trend that trailers tend to show the best parts of every movie (comedies are especially guilty of overplaying their hands by showing the best jokes) making it almost redundant to actually pay to see the film in theatres when you get the best bits for free. It seems Hollywood is interested in cannibalizing itself.

If you’re interested in seeing five movies in ten minutes, check out the list below.

5) Spartan (2004)

This is a fairly complex political thriller with one problem – if you’ve seen the trailer every major plot point and twist has been revealed. The scenes with William H. Macy screaming in a jet hangar? That’s the climax of the film and the point the audience discovers that Macy is the bad guy. What else do we learn? The daughter was kidnapped because her security detail was called off to protect her father who was busy having an affair with another woman. Oh, and she’s been reported dead. But she’s actually alive. The only scenes they left out were Val Kilmer running to different locations.

4) Arlington Road (1999)

Arlington Road is an underrated thriller from the 90s that dealt with the paranoia of a university professor (Jeff Bridges) who teaches a terrorism course and begins to suspect that his All-American neighbor might be a terrorist. It’s great stuff, especially because two-thirds of the movie you’re never quite sure if Tim Robbins is actually evil or if Bridges is just finding ominous warning signs where none exist. Don’t worry, the trailer clears everything up: Tim Robbins is a terrorist.

3) Cast Away (2000)

Another great movie spoiled by a trailer that drains the film of any suspense. Tom Hanks crash lands on an island. It looks like no one will find him. Let’s flash forward four years, when he has been found and he can be confused when all his friends had a funeral for him and his wife has moved on. I love that this trailer asks – “Where do you start…when you have to start over?” by showing the scenes of Hanks trying to re-adapt to civilized life. He doesn’t start over anywhere – that’s the last five minutes of the movie.

2) Soylent Green (1973)

What is the secret of Soylent Green? Hmm, well let’s see – two people die when they realize the secret with one being assassinated by covert government forces. The police chief wants the case closed down because top brass wants it closed down. But Charlton Heston refuses to do so and ends up in the cross-hairs. Did you catch those last scenes though? The ones with dead bodies on a conveyor belt in a factory-like setting? Or that other scene with people being scooped into a dump truck? Maybe that’s the answer…could Soylent Green be people?

1) Carrie (1976)

You see that weird looking girl that everyone makes fun of? Yeah, Carrie White – the one who lives in that creepy house with her crazy mother and is named the Prom Queen and then kills everyone with her telekinetic abilities? Well, that’s the whole movie. You should really go see it.


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