Another reason to hate romantic comedies.

**Review contains spoilers. But in this case they are referred to as “saviors” – as in, saving your time from watching this awful, awful mess of a movie**

Seeing a movie like this really makes me lose faith in the filmmaking system. In what other industry can one company make a terrible product and have it be wildly successful while another makes a wonderful (even groundbreaking) product and have it be a flop? Serendipity, arguably the worst romantic comedy of all-time (and a contender for Most Idiotic Leads), was nevertheless a successful film, making $75 million on a $28 million budget. In other news, Citizen Kane, generally considered the best film ever made, was a flop. Sigh.

Here’s the plot to this “romantic” comedy in a nutshell: two strangers (John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale) meet by chance – one might even say serendipitously – and have a great time together, despite the fact they are in relationships with other people at the time. If this sounds more like an affair (or cheating) than an actual romance…it pretty much is. At the end of the night, just when they’re about to exchange numbers – an inconvenient wind gust carries away Beckinsale’s information. She decides that this must be fate’s way of telling her that she shouldn’t be with Cusack. So they do something stupid with a book and a $5 bill that has their information on it and if fate truly wants them to be together then somehow the book/bill will come back to them and by that point they’ll know their soul mates…or some bullshit like that. It’s truly boring to explain, and absolutely inane to watch.

Here are the romantic aspects of Serendipity broken down:

1. Cusack and Beckinsale don’t meet again for another two years, though they both spend that time looking for the $5 bill and the book, whilst being in serious relationships with other people.

2. Cusack and Beckinsale get engaged – to said other people.

3. Three days before Cusack’s wedding, he decides to make a last-ditch effort to find Beckinsale, and obviously doesn’t tell his bride-to-be (it would be a little awkward to admit that you’ve been harboring a flame for the past two years of your relationship for a person you only met once).

4. Cusack and Beckinsale both call off their weddings – Cusack on the day of (isn’t that romantic?), Beckinsale months before it’s about to happen. Oh, and they still haven’t met each other by this point, so all the pain they’ve caused other people in their lives is based off of a nice memory of each other.

5. The movie ends with Cusack and Beckinsale finally marrying, likely because Fate realized it was better to put these two assholes together rather than have them wreak havoc on the world around them. Thank you, Fate.

If you find this romantic, please get your head checked.

Grade: F

Sidenote: I think “Romantic Comedies” deserve to be graded on a harsher scale than other films because I would argue they are more socially damaging than other genres. While most  media personalities and politicians criticize the amount of violence shown on television and film, generally these “hyper-violent” films (I’m thinking of types like Pulp Fiction, The Terminator, A Clockwork Orange) don’t really have a justification behind these behaviors that make them socially acceptable.  Whereas in a romantic comedy, individuals can trounce on the feelings and emotions of others justified through their concept of love: i.e. someone is their soul mate and therefore they can eliminate anyone who gets in their way (which sounds faintly like the plot of The Terminator) and have this be “okay.”


One Response to Serendipity

  1. serendipityhater says:

    I could not agree more. I just watched this movie and have now lost faith in humanity because this movie was actually quite successful and MANY people love this movie. Can people really be that ignorant to not see that this movie is an annoying piece of shit that the encourages horrible lies, cheating, leading people on for nothing, thinking someone is “the one” based on ONE evening, and the list goes on. I’ve watched a lot of movies and nothing even compares to how bad this movie is.

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