Bridesmaids/Something Borrowed – Part 2: Something Borrowed

Both of these films have the least sympathetic protagonists in years. In Bridesmaids, it was Annie. In Something Borrowed, it’s Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin).

Something Borrowed (Or the case of Love Justifies Everything):

Something Borrowed goes something like this: Rachel’s best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson) is getting married to Dex (Colin Egglesfield). Rachel had a crush on Dex during law school but was too timid to ask him out or show her true feelings for him, and even though he’s been dating Darcy for six years she’s still in love with him. Moving on is not one of the character’s strong suits.

Even more surprising than Rachel’s unrequited love for Dex is that he has the same feelings for her. Once again, I wonder about the logic of these characters. So Dex has loved Rachel for six years but instead of actually, y’know, being with her, he dates her best friend Darcy instead (and then proposes to her). Riigght.

SPOILER ALERT: They sleep together. Like a month before the wedding. Remove “timing” from their strong suits.

In any normal situation, no one would sympathize with Rachel. Just imagine this exchange on the street with two old friends:

Old Friend #1: Hey, did you hear about Darcy’s best friend Rachel? She slept with the groom a month before the wedding.

Old Friend #2: OMG. What a bitch.

Old Friend #1: I know right? I mean, that was Darcy’s fiancee, what kind of person do you have to be to do something like that?

Old Friend #2: Well I dunno, maybe she loved the groom for a really long time, and he loved her back for a really long time, and maybe they’re meant to be together?

Old Friend #1 looks at #2 with a questioning glance.

Old Friend #2: Okay, still a bitch.

So how does the movie reconcile this apparently clear-cut assessment of Rachel’s character? By making Darcy an awful human being. Isn’t that nice how everything works out in the end?

Here’s the thing: Rachel and Darcy don’t have a friendship. They have a competition. Darcy is an alcoholic party animal (the movie gives no indication of what her job is though signs point to trust fund baby) and her interactions with Rachel are either strained or flat-out unconvincing (I’m thinking of a climatic scene where Darcy has a sleepover with Rachel and they decide to burst out into a spontaneous choreographed dance, despite Rachel having just had an emotional conversation with Dex on the phone. But hey, when I’m hiding a affair with my best friend’s fiancee with my best friend in the room, the first thing I want to do is dance to Salt-n-Pepa too. Understandable). In real life, these two characters would not be best friends. They may have been in high school, but once Rachel started law school and Darcy found gin, that friendship would’ve evaporated.

I can’t stand movies like this because they manage to shoehorn a horrible and distasteful action into something socially acceptable. It’s okay that Dex and Rachel slept together, because they’re truly in love. And when two people are truly in love, everything will work itself out. Like Darcy won’t actually be in love with Dex. And when they break up she’ll immediately have a new relationship. And Dex’s parents or guests won’t care. They’ll just be happy that their son found the person he should truly be with, no matter how many people had to be emotionally crushed along the way. Love in romantic comedies becomes the justification for the most heinous actions. Replace “Love” with “God” and “Romantic Comedy Characters” with “Fundamentalist Right-Wing Christian Groups” and maybe you’ll see why I find films of this ilk so distasteful.

So why did I hate Rachel? It actually has nothing to do with the fact that she slept with Dex and ruined her best friend’s six-year relationship. I could have cared less. I didn’t like her because she‘s dumb. The film is littered with flashbacks of her fond memories of law school with Dex. In the pivotal moment when Darcy “steals” Dex from Rachel she’s given about fifty chances to say that she’s not okay with her best friend dating her crush. Instead of just saying that she’s not okay with it…she says that she is okay with it, over and over again. The logic of the two characters who apparently graduated from law school is frightening, to say the least.

Here’s a final caveat (SPOILER ALERT):

John Krasinski’s character admits that he is in love with Rachel, and has been for a long time. Rachel looks at him, nods her head, and gives him the “thanks-but-no-thanks” spiel. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The movie makes it pretty clear that its okay if Darcy’s feelings are trampled all over (by making her a complete tool), but I didn’t realize that extended to EVERYONE who gets in the way of the Rachel-Dex courtship. Unbelievable.

Something Borrowed should be renamed to Something Shitty.

Grade: F


12 Responses to Bridesmaids/Something Borrowed – Part 2: Something Borrowed

  1. shannon says:

    I LOVED THIS FILM! It was so good, dex is gorgeous and the story just kepy giving you more and more and more! I want a ‘something borrowed 2’!!

  2. ems says:

    Oh gosh. I thought I was the only one who thought this movie represents such a shitty resemblance of a growing character..

    Things keeps recycled back to square one.

    I agree with you, dear writer, rachel is a character that should not be sympathized with.
    Rachel is slower than a snail. she should have stated what she wanted in the first place. to the hell with the ‘you’re supposed to do what you want, not what your dad/mom wants you to be’.

    This is so what happens when people doesnt say what they want in the first place. If Rachel doesnt like Darcy pushes her around, she should have said it! Friendship counters that, everytime. Friendship reconcile, no matter what. And what Rachel and Darcy had, is not a relationship..

    And Dex! you’re a MAN! for crying out loud! If you actually loved Rachel in Law school, you should have not gone out with Darcy in the first place. You shouldnt have waited 6years to get that freaking confession out. you shouldnt have let the thing you got with rachel during law school, passed by. Even if it’s a crush or love, just confess.

    And Ethan, what on earth could have happened to him. HE confessed, and look what happened. His love was unrequited. And no, I dont pity him. I just dont understand the logic behind his confession. His plot, the scene, was significant only when it happened, but then, as soon as it ends, ‘pufffttt’, it’s gone. Where’s the relations?

    so, i guess the movie was trying to say, even if you confessed at the end of the day, you still wont get what you want. And would be probably the best time ever to confess is when the guy is marrying another woman. And the movie also wanted to say, it was better late than never?

    ngh-uh! tettttttttt! i still dont get what the movie actually wanted to say. it contradicts everything.
    Even until the end.

    maybe i should just read the book. hmm…

  3. Theresa says:

    hi has the second one come out yet or is there one before Something Borrowed

    • Modest Movie says:

      Hi – there is only the movie Something Borrowed, but it was based on a series of books, so there is more story to tell (apparently). This is just a two-part post reviewing Bridesmaids and Something Borrowed, with this being the second part of that review.

      • Donna says:

        There actually will be a part 2. If you watch the whole thing of Something Borrowed, including the credits part at the very end, it ends with Darcey running up to Ethan and and it says “To be continued…”

  4. tracie says:

    I have to totally disagree! Rachel and Darcy have been best friend for years! Except, Darcy has always been the dominate one in the relationship. She use manipulations to always get her way. When Darcy pops up with Rachel and Dex on their first dinner date she totally buts in and tells Dex to ask Rachel on a date. Rachel was fluster and embassrass and feeling put on the spot that she said that they were only friends. Then Darcy chimed in and said then ask me. Darcy knew that Rachel was into Dex, but Darcy didn’t care. As Rachel said Darcy see what she wants takes it. But I like both characters in this situation, there were good vs evil, just complicated decisions.

  5. tamara says:

    this is one of my fav movies i have seen it about 46 times and still love it cant wait for number 2!!!!!

  6. afsheen says:

    who thinks that this movie is a shit. Even though Dex liked her before they are together now. Rachel thought that Ethan was her friend whom she shared everything and she also liked dex

  7. erika says:

    Is there ever going to be a 2nd part to somethinh borrowed !? I’ve been waiting since it said to be continued ! Damn what the hell…

  8. Abhilasha says:

    I love this movie… I m eagerly waiting for 2nd part

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