Heads Up: #1 Movie at the box office this weekend

This will likely be the top movie at the box office this weekend. Why? Because when Tyler Perry makes a movie it’s #1 at the box office its opening weekend. That is, unless Rio has a strong second weekend, and I’m really hoping that’s the family film people choose instead.

Things I learned from watching Madea’s Big Happy Family Trailer:

  • Half the jokes are based on Madea slapping people (she hits four people in the trailer, and that’s only two minutes long. In a 106 minute movie this means Madea will slap 212 people)
  • One of the jokes is directly lifted from Rush Hour and was originally said by Chris Tucker (“Can you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”)
  • Bow Wow’s career has really stalled ever since he took the ‘Lil out of his name.
  • Will Smith’s children are not in this movie. At least, I didn’t see them.
  • The Facebook fan page has 13,032 fans. Assuming they buy tickets, the film’s already made its budget back.
  • I’m guessing Tyler Perry movies don’t suffer from being illegally downloaded (that’s just a wild guess).
  • Madea gets violent if there ain’t no ham in a fast food joint
  • Pronouncing “Byron” with 11 syllables will be a long-running joke of the film, spawning the hit catchphrase “Bryyyyoooooonnnnnn” whenever anyone wants some money.
  • The golden age of criticism – where people actually avoided or went to go see a movie based on a pundit’s thoughts – died in 2005 with the release of the first Madea movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

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