Trailer Rant of the Day: The Hangover Part II

I was excited for this movie until I saw the latest trailer. Now I’m geared up for a disappointment (yes, I’m fairly certain I’ll be seeing this in theatres either way).

Maybe it’s just me, but this trailer makes the film look godawful. It’s not a sequel to The Hangover – it’s a remake set in Thailand. It follows the exact same story beats as the first one.

For example:

Bride’s brother tags along with the gang (in the original, this was Zack Galifianakis, now it’s Unnamed Lost Thai Brother).

It’s set during the bachelor party of another wedding (and why isn’t Heather Graham the wife in this one – that seemed like it would’ve been a logical extension of the first film).

They have a crazy party and when they wake up they can’t remember their crazy antics. Also, they lose someone – this time it’s Unnamed Lost Thai Brother (okay, he has a name – Teddy) who they have to find before going back to the wedding (not quite as funny as losing the groom).

For some reason, the anxious wife from the first movie calls the gang to ask where they are and gets the now familiar answer that things have gone awry and they’ll be there when they’ll be there.

Justin Bartha (the original lost groom) isn’t with his friends again. Alright, maybe he decided not to drink with them after being left on a Vegas roof for two days – understandable.

Chow is back – but this time he seems less threatening because he’s friends with the guys now (rather than being locked in the back of their trunk) and without his macho mob boss posturing his nasally voice could be more grating than funny in this movie.

I just don’t understand why this has to have the exact same story as the previous one.

Friends do drink outside of crazy bachelor parties right? And they don’t have to lose a person again – what if Stu lost the wedding rings instead? It’s effect would be the same: they can’t return until they’ve found the object (or Unnamed Lost Thai Brother).

To me, it just feels like this is a copy-and-paste sequel.

Copy “Vegas” change to: “Thailand”

Copy “Lost Groom” change to: “Unnamed Lost Thai Brother”

Copy “The Hangover” change to: “The Hangover Part II”

A sequel can add something more to, and stray from, the original story. Changing locations a sequel does not make, as Yoda would say. And he would know.


2 Responses to Trailer Rant of the Day: The Hangover Part II

  1. I think you’re missing the point. This one has a monkey. A cute monkey in a costume. Maybe it haz kittens 2!

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