Mesrine is Modest Movie’s Most Popular Post

Mesrine (the other movie) is the top viewed post on Modest Movie.

In case you were interested, Mesrine is the most popular post of Modest Movie. I think most people are looking for information on Jacques Mesrine (probably for a first-year essay or other academic pursuit) and then they stumble upon this page which tells them (gasp) that there is a movie about the man’s life. And that it’s actually pretty decent.

Modest Movie: Helping people write their historical essays since October 2010.

Other stats to note:

My top five articles are Mesrine (116 views), M.Night’s Favorite Movie (55 views), Rant of the Day: The Book vs. Movie Debate (41 views), Yet another take on The Social Network (40 views), and Four Directors who have never made a bad film (28 views). All decent reads.

If you get a chance, read Recasting Norman Bates. The poor article’s been feeling a little neglected.

Mesrine, Mesrine, Mesrine, Jacques Mesrine, Mesrine, Jacques, Mesrine (sorry, gotta optimize searches).


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