The first 29 jokes of Dance Flick

Are you havin’ a laugh? Well you will be after you read this.

My good friend Pilot-Inspecktor created this list while watching the awful movie Dance Flick. In the mold of Date Movie, Epic Movie, Scary Movie and the likes, this is one of those “comedies” that panders to the lowest common denominator. See: poop and fart jokes, lots of them.

Anyway, it appears that the written version of these sequences is incredibly funny. Which may explain how these films get made.

For added fun and comedy, read these at work and try to keep a straight face.

From Pilot-Inspecktor:

The first 29 jokes of Dance Flick.

I decided to stop recording after five minutes.

joke 1: man gets pissed in the face, while dancing

joke 2: main dances own head into ass

joke 3: man break dances so fast, he literally lifts off the ground and crashes through the roof

joke 4: man head-spin-dances so fast he drills INTO the ground, crashing through the floor.

joke 5: “This situation is bad, I’m talking Wesley Snipes not paying his taxes bad”

joke 6: “I’m talking TI buying machine guns bad”

joke 7: “i’m talking everything on the CW bad”

joke 8: “like 100 million americans, he doesnt have insurance

joke 9: arguing about no I in team

joke 10: old guy is actually bald

joke 11: old guy tries to swindle for cash, gun to head

joke 12: Old guy tries to swindle cash again, 15 guns”

joke 13: winner wins a suit with funny name

joke 14: the leader of the other dance team is directing the movie

joke 15: pours oil on floor which causes a guy to keep sliding to the middle of a road, where he stops for a pedestrian walking sign and resumes, falling off the bridge

joke 16: Girl gets crushed by large black family

joke 17: black woman eats fried chicken

joke 18: black woman carries a picture of her in football gear

joke 19: girl dances and hits 4 people

joke 20: mothers car flips over, people ignore her in favour of free gas

joke 21: cop ignores woman in distress to get gas jerry can

joke 22: girl says she has no gag reflex

joke  23: says her grandma helped her with routine, its racy, superfreak

joke 24: takes off pants, furry legs

joke 25: mother keeps getting run over, knocked into grave, that says “megans mom”

joke 26: sadder about dance routine failing

joke 27: really fat guy who leads gang, they keep giving him food. He pours sugar on pie

joke 28: she has 30 bags

joke 29: dad lives in shithole where people have been murdered

Here’s hoping that Pilot-Inspecktor follows this up with the next five minutes of Dance Flick. I can’t wait.


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