The Razzies: the only awards list that matters.

Oscar nominations tomorrow. Anyone care? Here are a couple of predictions for nominees: The Social Network, The King’s Speech, Black Swan, The Fighter, The Kids are All Right, Inception etc. There’s only one problem with prestigious Hollywood awards shows: there’s too many of them. The Golden Globes, Writer’s Guild, Producer’s Guild, Sorcerer’s Guild. There’s only a limited pool of good movies in a year to choose from, so naturally each awards show has overlapping nominees.

Not with The Razzies. It’s the awards show that reminds us of the other movies that came out in 2010: Sex and the City 2, The Bounty Hunter, and The Last Airbender, to name a few. It’s actually a thrill to see the Razzie list come out because half the movies you forgot came out in 2010 (likely because they were only in theatres for one week of 2010), and no other awards shows tread this territory. The Razzies must read Robert Frost.

Check out all the nominees here.

Tomorrow, maybe a brief mention about the Oscar nominees. Oh hell, just copy and paste this.


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