RIP Pete Postlethwaite

Pete Postlethwaite was that rare kind of actor. He could absolutely disappear in any role and the audience would believe in him. He could play the stern yet fair father. The wise priest. The cruel kingpin. The scheming interloper. The only kind man in a horrible world. The mysterious stranger.

He elevated any film that he was in and his mere presence could legitimatize an otherwise sub-par film. There’s something reassuring about spotting Postlethwaite in a movie. We know we’ve seen him before, and we may not be able to quite place him, yet instinctively we’re drawn to whatever character he plays. He’s so natural in any role that we instantly believe that the world of the film can exist, if only because Postlethwaite’s character reassures us that it does.

Check out a few of these Postlethwaite films in memory of a great talent:

The Usual Suspects

The Town

In The Name of the Father

Inception (a small but vital role for the film)


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