Better than the Real Thing: Inaugural Edition

Sometimes, watching the trailer is better than the real thing. Within two minutes, some previews get you so excited for a movie that you count down the days until it’s released in the theater and you immediately buy a ticket for the day it comes out. And then? Disappointment, generally.

I worked at a movie theater for a summer and they always played four or five trailers on loop all day. Most of the time it was terrible. By the end of an eight-hour shift I had probably seen the same five trailers about fifteen times each. I’d know all the nuances; when the wise-cracking best friend would shout his catchphrase, when that solemn country song would chime in just as the main character learned her pa had died, and when the loud baritone voice would calmly announce the release date. However, there was one trailer that I never tired of and has since become the inspiration for what will hopefully be this (weekly) column:

Admittedly, it’s not the best trailer ever created but it really proves the “better than the real thing” criteria. The actual Miami Vice movie was convoluted and a mess. It had a few solid action scenes (of course, being a Michael Mann film it was guaranteed to) but they didn’t really involve the audience at I all. I remember thinking to myself that I really had no connection to any of the characters and during the shootouts there was no tension or excitement. Just a bunch of guys playing cops-and-robbers.

But the trailer just gets you pumped up. Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell kicking ass? Sign me up. What I got was Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell talking tough and posing for the camera…and then kicking ass by the time I had given up and just wanted to leave. The film does nothing for me, but the trailer still has a fond place in my heart.

I’ll end this with what I think is probably the best trailer for 2010. It’s a film I’ve been meaning to see but I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to go to it, because in the back of my mind I know that it probably won’t be able to top this:



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