The Best 3D Movie Ever Made So Far (And it’s not Avatar)

I have to say it: Jackass 3D is the best 3D movie I have ever seen.

Why, you may be asking yourself?

Because it actually uses 3D the way it’s supposed to be used: throwing objects and explosions at the screen and making the audience forget, for the briefest of moments, that they’re safe in cushy theatre seats. 3D is the gimmick of the moment, often deployed as an afterthought (when you hear about films being converted into the format) and as such, its true promise hasn’t been shown yet. Yes, Avatar did use it nicely, but Jackass 3D perfects it with a carousel of flying stuntmen, vomit, and slow-motion sucker punches.

The premise of Jackass is simple: a bunch of buddies get together, grab a camera, and in a twisted version of Truth or Dare (nixing the truths), they attempt to one-up each other by doing the grossest or most dangerous things imaginable. Like drinking the sweat off a man’s back. Or roller-skating in a bull pen. Or running through a hall filled with live tasers.

The only problem with the film is that they haven’t really upped the ante from the previous two movies. In the first film we were given the infamous toy car prank, in the second we got the terrorist prank-within-a-prank, but in the third the climatic act is what would otherwise be typical Jackass fare: Steve-O getting drenched in feces while flying in a Port-a-Potty. It’s strange that this stunt is anti-climatic. But after ten years of this shtick, these guys have pushed the boundary so far that instead of shocking us, this hardly raises an eyebrow.

This is the third (and probably final) Jackass film. After two movies, a television series, and the immense popularity of amateur would-be daredevil clips on YouTube, the formula is starting to get a little tired. It’s actually pretty incredible that it became a formula at all.  Essentially the swan song for the Jackass crew before they retire the thongs and shopping carts, Jackass 3D sticks up one last middle finger to the pretentious 3D lot who think that the technology offers a new horizon for creating an immersive entertainment experience. In the end, we want less atmosphere from our 3D and more flying dildos and confetti explosions.



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